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Easy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Video

Save your fresh pumpkin and winter squash seeds! Roasted pumpkin seeds are simple to make and have a satisfying crunch. See how to make an easy pumpkin seeds recipe. Perfect for Halloween treats or a healthy snack. Simply toss fresh pumpkin seeds with oil and salt and bake until toasted. Season with your favorite spice blend like chili powder, garam masala or cinnamon. (My favorite is garam masala.) This simple method for roasting pumpkin seeds can also be used to roast seeds from butternut and acorn squash.

This is the first video created for my blog. It was a fun experiment and I have lots to learn! (This is what happens when you have a friend with a video camera and a little too much time on their hands.) Anyway, we had a great time making the video and plan to create more recipe and how to videos. Leave me a comment if there’s a recipe or cooking tip you are interested in seeing on the blog. Thanks! Jen

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