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Things I’ve been making: winter recipes

Brothy Mushroom Soup with Sweet PotatoesWelcome to the Polar Vortex edition of what I’ve been making. Geez, this winter has been a tough one. When the weather gets me down (and gives me the sniffles) I take comfort in a steaming pot of soup. This Brothy Mushroom Soup has been my go-to recipe. It’s my vegetarian version of chicken soup. It’s full of good things like ginger and chili that taste great and clear the sinuses.
Berry Kefir SmoothieI’ve also been getting into kefir. I’m determined to go all DIY and make my own coconut kefir, but for now I’ve been buying plain dairy kefir. If you haven’t tried kefir, it’s thick and creamy with a pourable consistency. It’s tart and tangy and makes a bracing berry smoothie.
Chopped SaladFor lunches, I’ve been really into making vegetarian chopped salads. No two turn out the same, but it’s always satisfying to eat a Big Salad. I start by chopping some hearty greens, and pile on lots of veggies and a protein like eggs or tofu. Olive oil, fresh lemon and toasted nuts or sesame seeds add the finishing touch.
Chocolate Lump CookiesOf course, I’ve also been playing around with small batch baking. In particular, I love making a small batch of cookies. I seriously love cookies, but seriously can’t have them in the house everyday. So, I make just a few cookies when that sweet craving strikes. Lately I’ve been making these cookies made with mashed banana, cocoa powder and either almond butter or almond flour and coconut oil. I affectionately refer to them as Chocolate Lumps. The texture is part cookie, part brownie…mostly lump. They aren’t pretty but they are pretty tasty when a craving hits.
AF Apple CrispI’ve also been converting some of my favorite dessert recipes to use almond flour instead of wheat flour. It’s not always easy. This Almond Flour Apple Crisp looked promising, but the “crisp” part was soggy where it touched the apples. Next time I’ll try pre-baking the crisp topping granola-style.

Try to stay warm everyone!

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